Andre Platinum 145 Teflon Enclosed Track


The Andre PLATINUM 145 speargun is a great step-up speargun for spearfishing around rock reef, coral areas and out towards the blue water. Its longer stock, 58.5 inches, gives you a greater reach and higher accuracy. The PLATINUM 145 speargun has 3 power bands, making it more powerful to spear bigger and faster fish. The PLATINUM 145 speargun also features handle placement mid-way on the stock. The mid-way handle design improves maneuverability by bringing the speargun closer to the body.

Shaft placement on Mid-handle models also allows for more stretch from the power bands, because the shaft sits further back on the stock, giving more power. The mid-handle is also for hip loading leverage. As you pull the power bands back, the butt extension makes it easy to rest the butt of the speargun on your hip without the handle getting in your way. The spear track is recessed into the stock to guide the spear accurately down the barrel.

The groove is durable and an excellent design feature compared to eye hole spear tracks which break easily and reduce accuracy. The PLATINUM 145 speargun uses a larger diameter spear. The spear is more durable, resisting damage from the fish bending it, or direct impact from hitting rocks.


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