Andre Platinum 165 Teflon Enclosed Track


The PLATINUM 165 speargun uses the largest diameter shaft. 17-4 PH Heat Treated Steel gradually cooled. The thicker steel has greater resistance from huge fish bending it. The PLATINUM 165 speargun also features mid-handle placement. The mid-way handle design improves maneuverability by bringing the speargun closer to the body. The shaft & mechanism sit further back on Mid-handle models, increasing band pull and increasing power.

The mid-way handle is also for hip loading leverage. As you pull the power bands back, the butt extension makes it easy to rest the butt of the speargun n your hip without the handle getting in your way. The PLATINUM 165 offers tapered balance wings from front to rear for maximum stability & highest accuracy. The continuous tapered balance wings are designed to move easily through the water. Most importantly, the balance wings add mass & decreases vertical & horizontal recoil, in return increasing accuracy.


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