High Quality Teak Spearguns and Spearfishing Accessories

Double Roller

Available size:
160 cm with: 18 mm bands, 9, 5 mm shaft slip tip
150 cm with: 16 mm bands, 8,5 mm shaft flopper

Open track with rear handle


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Amazing power and little to no recoil! This is and ideal speargun to blue water hunt big game fish like tuna. The cuddlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlessly while tracking fish. You will not even notice that you are carrying a blue water speargun.

The Andre Double Roller 160 is equip with a 3/8 x 62″ w/ 24″ threaded shaft two shark fin & a rest tab, a slip tip and two 3/4″ power bands on top with three 3/4″ bands on the bottom roller bar. If you want the most powerful tuna-gun, this is it! The Andre Double Roller 160 shoots straight without the harsh recoil of a traditional big tuna speargun.

The Andre Double Roller 160 is our longest roller speargun stock at 63 inches to give you greater reach and more power. The mid-handle placement brings the speargun closer to the body and improves maneuverability. The shaft & mechanism sit further back on the Andre Double Roller 160 to increase band pull and increase power.

The spear track is ENCLOSED by a ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) composite track to guide the spear accurately down the barrel. The Enclosed Track allows you to power up on a speargun without loosing accuracy. The track keeps the shaft perfectly inline. The UHMW track has less resistance on the shaft than wood and other materials and will increase the shaft’s velocity.

New custom ergonomic teakwood grips. The new grip keeps your shot more inline with your arm to increase accuracy.

This is an excellent speargun for the biggest Pelagic fish like Tuna!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Experience the difference with your new Andre Double Roller 160!


Speargun Features:

Stock length – 63 inches (160cm)
Heavy-Duty 6 laminate teak stock & ballasted from front to back

Power Bands:
–  1st – 3/4″ x 17.5″
–  2nd – 3/4″ x 19.5″
–  3rd – 3/4″ x 13.5″
–  4th – 3/4″ x 13.5″
–  5th – 3/4″ x 13.5″

Band Stretch:
–  1st – 48.75″ (123.8cm)
–  2nd – 53.75″ (134.6cm)
–  3rd – 44″ (111.7cm)
–  4th – 44″ (111.7cm)
–  5th – 45″ (114.3cm)

Spear Track – Enclosed Track
Handle – Custom Ergonomic Teakwood Grip
Handle Placement – Midhandle
Line – 2.5 wraps on breakaway 500 lb monofilament
Shaft Diameter – 3/8″ x 62″ w/ 24″ thread – (9.5mm x 157cm)
Tip – Slip Tip
Distance of shooting line to the end of the slip tip adapter 29 feet