High Quality Teak Spearguns and Spearfishing Accessories

Oval Open Track

Available size:
110: 2 rubber 16 mm, 6,5 mm shaft, handle position rear/middle
125: 2 rubber 16 mm, 7 mm shaft, handle position rear/ middle
145: 3 rubber 16 mm, 7 mm/7,5mm, handle position rear/ middle


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The Oval, made from laminated teak wood, with it’s teflon enclosed track system is highly accurate over short, mid and long ranges for all water clarity

The Oval 125cm is easy to maneuver and with 2 bands is easy to load for shooting multiple small fish like butterfish, cod, moki, tarakihi, gurnard and other small reef fish.

The Oval 145cm is also easy to maneuver and has more power with its 3 bands and fires a larger 7mm spear and is great for shooting snapper and kingfish.

The Oval 160cm is for the serious hunter going to shoot big game fish. This has 4 bands and shoots a 8mm spear.